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Experts in Chichester Carrying out Brake Replacements

Working on most vehicle makes and models, we provide a comprehensive brake replacement service at our garage in Chichester, West Sussex. Pop in our garage today for a free brake check or contact us to book a replacement appointment. Our priority is to ensure your vehicle is roadworthy.


Here at Chichester Tyre & Brake Centre, we are independent brake specialists who are passionate about checking the safety of your vehicle’s brakes and carrying out any replacements where necessary. Supplying and fitting quality car brakes on a range of vehicle makes and models, we ensure you drive with confidence. If you have any problems with your brakes or want a free check, please do not hesitate to book an appointment or pop by our garage. We are always happy to assist with all your vehicle queries.

Are your brakes in good working order?

Just like exhausts and batteries, when you have a problem with your brakes, they will let you know! Common signs of brake problems include:

  • A Brake Wear Light on the Dashboard

  • The Vehicle Pulls to One Side When Braking

  • A Grinding Noise When the Brakes Are Off or Applied

  • A Loss of Efficiency During Longer Braking Periods

  • A High, Hard Brake Pedal

  • Individual Wheels Locking Upon Braking

  • Brakes Juddering When Applied, Noticeable More When Braking from Higher Speeds


Drive safe

With the comprehensive brake replacement services we provide.

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